pardon my mess + hinty hinty blogoversary month upcoming!

I'll be tinkering with some design elements in the next few days, so pardon any mess you might come across. The blog is not usually so hideous, I promise. My room, on the other hand...

ANYHOW, I think the layout will look lots better when I'm done. There will definitely be a different header and maybe one less column than usual and definitely different color schematics. I can't say more than that because more than that, I don't know.


It came to my attention that my blogoversary (am I really that old? Is this blog really that old?) is approaching. This blog here will be exactly one years old in August.

So, maybe that calls for a little celebration? A hey, how-the-heck-did-this-blog-stay-alive-post? Maybe, a....contest?

Keep you eyes peeled, I'll be figuring out details soon :)