back in gear


How has everyone been this summer? Anything really exciting, monumental, gorgeous, otherwise comment-mention-worthy happen to you? I think the most exciting thing that's happened to me this week is being reunited with my computer, and therefore the interwebs. Also, logging onto this blog, which will hopefully be having regular updates again starting NOW.

I totally mean this.

Post-fright? Totally not gonna win.
Summer vacation? Neutralized by suburbia, and 24-7 access to the internet
ALL MANNER OF THINGS THAT HAVE STOPPED ME BLOGGING? Dealt with. Sort of. (kinda haven't dealt with eradicating homework and the human need I have to sleep at times.)


There. It's in concrete (bold) writing, and you guys are fully allowed to complain if I don't start posting again. And commenting, and visiting all your blogs, and just generally being a blogger again. In the next few days I'll be catching up with all the emails I have sitting in my inbox (a scary amount). I just wanted to remind you all that if you've sent me an email and I haven't got a reply, and you want one, just go ahead and resend it. I don't mind at all, and it gives your email more chance of it standing out from the hordes of spam :) The spam problem is quite a big one, so I might be switching to another email address. I'll let you guys know when it happens.

On another side note: it's pretty sad that the airport bookstore (which is teensy) has better selection than my own local bookstore. I snagged a copy of STORMGLASS by Maria V. Snyder (after being miffed that they had book #2 MAGIC STUDY but not #1 POISON STUDY) to start off my Snyder experience via airplane ride, since I've heard from many awesome bloggers that Snyder and her books are completely awesome (I finally bowed down to the pressure of all that awesome) . And also I have an copy of THE DUFF by Kody Keplinger lying about six inches away from me, and I am SO excited to dig in--it's one of the 2010 books I've been anticipating the most.

But enough about me and my oh-so-shiny books. WHAT ABOUT YOU?

What are you guys reading, doing over the summer, and DOING AT THIS VERY MOMENT (besides reading this)? TELL ME!