an official end; but also announcing a new blogging home!

Hi everyone!

It's been a very long absence. I've been MIA. I've just graduated from college (thank god!) and now I feel I finally have time to read and to write what I want, which is awesome.

So the (good, or bad) news is I'm starting a new blog. I've tried to revive this blog a bunch of times and I think I need to let it RIP. So RIP, 'lil blog. I've written an introductory post over at my new blog, The Ruminatarium, which will also be mostly about books, but not as much about YA.

It was so great blogging here. I'm a little sad to be officially signing off from In Which a Girl Reads, though I'm sure it's already pretty obvious that this blog actually died a few years ago. If you're reading this now, thanks for sticking with me until the very end. I've really appreciated your comments and your time. If you'd like to follow me over at my new blog that'd be lovely, but if it seems like it's not your thing, no hard feelings :) I wish you all the best!