new look, old blog

So finally I've taken a step back from my compulsive layout-fiddling. It's been several days, and my blog has gone through several possible layouts. (I should've taken screenshots. I went a little nuts, and would spend a few hours configuring a layout, and then decide I hated it, and then toss it. Yeah, I'm productive like that. )

So you can understand the process. At one point I banged my head against the keyboard repeatedly. You see, I'd set the bar high. I wanted something minimalist and pretty and something that I had a significant part in designing myself.

Er, that didn't really happen. The template you see here was altered only slightly a bit--mostly colors and such. It's minimalist, but not exactly pretty. There are still some minor changes I want to make.

Through this process, though, I have learned two things:

1. Never, never install intense debate (a commenting system)on your blog if you want to have future template flexibility. I fell in love with this template:But when I installed it, unfortunately it wasn't intense-debate compatible. I (unsuccessfully) tried to build a similar looking one from scratch, but yeah, didn't work. My CSS skills aren't really existent.



2. I need to learn when to stop. Haha. Really. I wasted so much time on layouts I didn't even write posts. Heh. Heh. *wrenches self away from "Edit HTML" button*

Anyhow, love you guys for sticking around at my old little blog, even when I've been so flaky the last few months. But now it's practically the weekend, so I will soon be burrowing my nose into several books and reporting back to you on them.

Just wanted to say that this is one of the times where I wish I was either 1) Absolved of library fines 2) Insanely, filthily rich so I could get my hands on a huge stack of books. I don't know about you, but don't you just love seeing book piles around your room? It's exciting--I don't know if I'm going to fall completely in love with one of those unread books.

Rambles aside, I'm curious. What have been some of your template/layout/design frustrations?