mockingjay anxiety


It's coming out tomorrow.

^I think that was probably the most useless sentence I've ever written on this blog--since unless you were living under a rock, you are probably right here with me counting down the seconds with a sort of jittery air, and conjuring up mental images of what the silky smooth pages of Mockingjay will feel like under your fingertips.

Or perhaps you are lucky and already have it in your hands?

IF SO, GET OUT OF HERE. (I eez v. jealous).

I preordered it, but Amazon, by some cruel joke, has decided to deliver it on "August 30, 2010."



The agonies of ordering from interwebs companies are unparalleled. Amazon, you silly mammoth-who-doesn't-deliver-when-I-want-you-too!

I have been very lax on my Mockingjay preparation--I didn't even reread Hunger Games and Catching Fire, but only because I thought it would accelerate my sense of longing. (Darn you, Catching Fire cliffhanger ending!)

So now I wait until the 30th, unless I crack on Friday (nearest time since I don't have to deal with tests of homework) and hop over to B&N and spend several hours reading with a frappucino in hand--both reacquainting myself and saying goodbye (*tear*) to Katniss and Peeta and Gale and the Capitol.

It's weird knowing that this time next week, most of everyone will know exactly what has happened. There's a sort of sadness to when a series ends--I remember HP a few years back--when I'd grown up to a book being released every few years.

I didn't grow up with HG, exactly, but I still love it.

Very much.

Who else isn't getting to--despite their wishes--to read it on Tuesday? Someone comfort me here, haha.