short updates & more on guest blogging

First off, I'm honored to have been interviewed by blogger extraordinaire Steph Su yesterday! Aren't both her and her blog awesome? But anyways, go check it out.

And secondly, I've gotten a lot of responses about guest blogging. Which is a total and wonderful surprise, since I hadn't expected so many people to be interested. But I'll say this: the more, the merrier! I'll still be accepting guest posts for the next month as from now until to early May, I won't be posting as much myself. And I'm so, so excited to share posts by others. Upcoming posts will be indicated with "guest blogger series" (gbs) in the title.

And I'm pleased to announce that gbs will kick off tomorrow! Look out for it :)

To those of you who have emailed me about guest blogging: I'll be responding within the next few days. Thank you for offering and taking the time to contact me.

And I think from this point on I'll just write in italics if I'm making notes before the guest blogging, etc. so not as to cause confusion.

choco= italics

guest bloggers= normal font

Hope everyone is having fun :)

Now I have nothing more to say and I'm rambling so ****RANDOM PUPPY PIC TIME**