april: aka the slow month

I am alive!

(just in case anyone was wondering).

But I've been pretty inactive in the last few days--I haven't been posting, commenting, or answering emails.

Sorry about that, but I'm afraid it's going to be like this for the next month or so. I mentioned this previously on here before, but for the month of April and a bit of May, I will be posting significantly less than usual. I won't exactly call it a hiatus, but more of a slow-down.

This is due to the approaching horror of torture testing/ a gazillion painful projects & horribleness homework/ more torture testing as I strive to finish this year with my sanity intact.

I don't want to do this: I love blogging and it's just so much fun. I prefer spending a good amount of what little free time I have on this blog. But posting pretty much daily on this blog in the next month will be impossible for me if I want to have any time to study for testing.



Hopefully not a full-on hiatus where you wouldn't hear anything from me for a month.

Let's just say....instead of a deluge of posts, it'll be more like...a treacle trickle. The size of the trickle will depend on how weak-willed I am in resisting the wiles of the Internet.

Can't wait to be back to blogging full-force. In the meanwhile, DON'T LEAVE.

*says in Arnold Schwarzenegger voice*