New Year Reflection and Resolutions

Whoah. It's going to be 2010 tomorrow?

What scares me is that a WHOLE decade has gone by. I mean, really.If I think about it, it's strange.

In 2000, I was five years old. I was living on the other side of the country. I was extremely loud and, yeah... illiterate. Basically, I was still a baby.

In 2009, I'm fifteen, living on this more westerly side of the country, pretty quiet by all accounts, and yay, literate. And hopefully less of a baby.

A lot has happened in those years. I feel old now. Teenaged and old. And I've done so much. I mean...

In 2000-2009, I've:

1)graduated from elementary school! Whooo! And middle school as well, yay.
2) learned how to read and write!
3) grown about two feet in height
4) learned to eat my vegetables (most of the time)
5) Uh...uh..I swear I've done something else this decade as well but I can't think of anything at the moment. [insert accomplishments here]

Okay, that was a fail.

So...New Year Resolutions (2010).
For thee blog:

1) Start interviewing authors. I've always been meaning to start interviewing authors, it's just...I'm scared since I think as authors as amazing people that I shouldn't bother. But I will definitely try to interview. Hopefully I'll start soon!
2) Include some discussion posts. On the publishing industry, the trends, bookish subjects, maybe less-bookish subjects, etc. etc.
3)Have more balance with reviews and other types of posts.
4) Have a survey for the blog on what you guys do and don't like about the blog, and make improvements from there.

For Reading:

1) Read LOTS more contemporary books. LOTS.
2) Read LOTS more literature. LOTS.

So as you can see I'm not so hot with reflecting or resolutions.


I hope you guys had a wonderful decade, a wonderful 2009. And an even more wonderful 2010 and following decade!

I am trying to put together a blog survey (extra entries for the contest) so that should be up soon too.



Nicole Settle said...

Happy New Years and good luck with your goals!

Unknown said...

I think you have a most exciting decade ahead of you. By the way, I love your rating scale. It made me chuckle. And, I agree interviewing authors is scary!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year! :))

P.S. You got an award at my blog ~


Emilia Plater said...

YEAH MORE CONTEMPORARY! I loove that Calvin and Hobbes comic... I remember reading it when I was little.

Amna said...

yay for more contemporary and literary fiction!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! :)

Karla Calalang said...

YAY for contemporary stuff! Good luck with your goals and everything! <3 ya girl!

Lia Victoria said...

Just... Yay! Lol. I have no idea why.
*hugs and runs away*

in which a girl reads said...

@ Nickles: Happy New Year :)

@Becky: Haha, I'm glad you like the rating scale :) And I'm scared but I WILL TRY to interview authors!

@Emilia: WHOO Contemporary! And I <3 Calvin and Hobbes :D

@Amna: Yay!

@J.Kaye: Happy New Year too you as well :)

@Karla: Thanks! And <3 you too!

@Lia: Lol. Yay! *huggles* :D

Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

Happy Belated New Year

Kirthi said...

I love Calvin and Hobbes! I own two of his comic books :D Great resolutions!

pepsivanilla said...

Yay for discussion posts :) I feel the same way, I know I did a lot in 10 years, I just don't know what it was!

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