Wanted: Dead or Alive

I'm about to enter my local library


A brown, tattered paper floats gently down and comes to rest at my feet.

I snatch at it.

And read it.

Read it yourselves.

Wow. I wonder who the Book Bandit is. There's rumors flying around that she was last seen wearing a blue shirt.

*tucks away blue shirt in clothes hamper*

Hahahaha. What a coincidence! Plenty of other people wear blue shirts.

*laughs nervously*

And then this one guy came up and told me I kinda looked like the person in the picture.

Those claims are UNSUBSTANTIATED, I tell you. He's clearly mad.

It is so not not not not not not me.

It's definitely not me. Yep.

I don't think I'll go to the library for a while...not that there's any reason for that. I can go to the library anytime I want and I can check out books, actually I can't. I don't have any library fines at all. I'm just being cautious and conscientious of my welfare. I mean, it's best to avoid the library because....because....the Book Bandit is on the loose! And no one knows when she'll strike next!

I'm just doing my duty here, warning everybody about this criminal because it's my mastermind plot so that no one will expect me if I'm the one who's publicizing it to keep everyone safe.


Emilia Plater said...

LOL. I have, like, $20 in fines that I've left sitting there for maybe four years.

I'm just hoping they'll evaporate into the air...

in which a girl reads said...

I can't even go to the library the majority of the time because I have so many fines. As soon as I pay them off I just rack up more!


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