This Week in Contests (10/18-10/24)

I decided that on Sundays, I'll do a rundown of book giveaways or contests around the YA blogsophere with deadlines this week, in addition to the sidebar I have. Because wining free stuff is pretty important.


Going by deadline:

Jen Nadol is giving away a ARC of The Mark, plus some bookmarks, notepad, and a choice of hardback.

Pure Imagination is giving away a copy of The Everafter by Amy Huntler.

Library Lounge Lizard is giving away a Nancy Holder Bundle, which includes five books from the Wicked Series, delish mints, Pretty Little Devil, and Possessions. Each book is signed.

The Book Scout is giving away a copy of Lady Macbeth's Daughter.

Reverie Book Reviews is holding a Bday/Blogaversary Extravaganza which includes an inordinate amount of books. There's five winners, and I think the grand prize winner gets something like 6 books.


Not as many contests as last week, but there are whole lot of them with deadlines on 10/30 or 10/31, and the prizes this week are pretty awesome. So get ready and good luck to those of you entering!

I'm curious, which one would you want to win the most?


Ash. Elizabeth said...

I think I'd want the Nancy Holder books (even though I'm currently reading possessions). I have a contest, but, well, a winner won't be decided until NOV. 30th.

Good Post!

(AshElizabeth on AW)

in which a girl reads said...

Ooh,your contest looks great! I added you to the sidebar and I'll blog about it the week before the deadline :D

Ash. Elizabeth said...

ha, thanks :)

Amna said...

oooo, shiny contests!
I actually never know if the contests apply to the UK as well....

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