You Know You're a Book Blogger When...

  • You have significantly more friends on Goodreads than you do on Facebook.
  • Your preferred medium of communication is the written word.
  • You unashamedly stalk your favorite authors online.
  • The acronym ARC makes you salivate
  • Your TBR list is several miles high
  • 5-star ratings become applicable to everything in life, not just books
  • You have an uncontrollable urge to buy everything you see in a bookstore
  • Packages on your doorstep mean one thing only to you: books
  • You're in desperate need of more bookshelves
  • You spend more hours online than is healthy
  • Getting comments on your posts make your day
  • HTML is both your best friend and your nebulous, confusing enemy
  • When people ask you for book recommendations, you can't just stop at one.
  • You know about books coming out years ahead of time, and consequently have to endure a rather agonizing wait.
  • New gadgets on blogger are the best thing since sliced bread
  • You can't stop tinkering with your template
  • You can hold an intelligent debate on the merits of a 2-column versus 3-column template for a book blog.
  • You've perfected the art of reading while eating/walking/talking for years.
  • You're pretty darn awesome.
What have I missed, dear readers? Add to the list in the comments :)