i'm baaaaack!

I haven't seen you guys in like, forever. (actually, I've never seen any of you, but you know what I mean).

But what is this? These strange pastel-ly colors splashed across the header? The whiteness? The cleanliness? The strange, whimsical font in which the header is written?
I will admit to going slightly insane from the stress of AP exams but I will attest that this is still the same in which a girl reads blog, despite the difference of appearance.

: To disguise the underlying moldiness of the blog yesterday I decided to do some (much needed) renovations. This could have turned out terribly since:

1) I don't even know what HTML or CSS is

2) I forgot to back up my template before I started

3) Did I mention I don't know ANYTHING about, well, anything?

but miraculously my blog is in intact and I think, better for it. I designed the header and the heart with book titles and pretty much everything else new you see (not the blog template from scratch, I just fiddled around with it). I sort of had a revelation in terms of minimalism and clean lines (I'm such a fan of lines) so I decluttered my sidebar of all but the essentials, and I'll be adding a lot of the stuff I axed to my new pages (I'm still not quite done with those. I still need to do a new blog button as well.).

This was a very lovely experience because I found out that I can, in fact, do interwebby template things by myself and I stumbled across TYPOGRAPHY. Which I've seen before but hadn't realized was quite so cool. So I'll be experimenting with that from now on because it's strangely calming and soothing especially since I don't know what I'm doing.

However, there was a very, very scary moment in which I accidentally disabled the commenting system and there were no more comments on my blog and MY SCREAMS OF DESPAIR WERE HEARD THROUGHOUT THE NEIGHBORHOOD AND I ALMOST JUMPED OUT OF MY BEDROOM WINDOW AND STABBED MYSELF IN THE EYE WITH A PENCIL IN AN ATTEMPT TO OFF MYSELF. Ahem. It made me realize that losing all those comments would just suck. A lot. Which just made me realize how much I <3 you guys :)


And what am I doing with this new freedom? I FEEL AS FREE AS A BIRD. A BIRD. FREEEEEEEE. FLYING TO FREEDOM.

Well, I'll be back to blogging, for sure. Reading. Writing. Listening to music. I have my life back. *happy dances*. I am very leisurely typing this out and there is no more sense of impending doooom. *cries a little* *gabbles incoherently*

SO HAPPY TO BE BACK! I can't wait to get back into commenting, I haven't visited some of my favorite blogs in forever. And thank you X1000 for all the lovely comments you left, I've been reading them all (even if I haven't been replying).

And what did a miss? blogging scandals? awesome posts? your awesomeness? (of course, I missed that, tehe). Fill me in or link to things that you want me to see :)

*restrictions such as vacation apply. tehe.


Sandy said...

Blogging's such an addicting thing to do! I don't think I could ever leave either. I'M SO GLAD YOU SURVIVED YOUR APs! Those tests are paper demons, hell-bent on stealing your sooooul. ;P

I was surprised when I checked your blog earlier today and saw the entire layout makeover. It's so BRIGHT O_O. I kind of miss the header D: will you be changing the blog button too or is it still the same image? I googled typography and tis awesome! I've already seen it around but I never knew the actual name for it. :D Mmm, I don't think you've missed too much in the blogosphere. Just a lot of happy dances since BEA's fast approaching.

*glomps* Welcome back Chocooo!

Stormi said...

Welcome back! Yes, your blog is a lot white and bright but its cheery and I like it. :)

Linna said...

Bwahaha, your writing is always so witty and funny~ Lovely to see you back! Html and css is pretty handy, and I just picked it up by messing around with it so much lol >.< Love the layout <3

yuan said...

lol the typography stuff in your blog is very interesting. So glad you're back! 8D

YA Book Queen said...

Welcome back! lol, I'm glad you got it all figured out...I'm loving the bright colors in the header! Very summer-like :)

Anonymous said...

I love the new look of your blog. It's perfect for spring.

Remilda Graystone said...

Nice template. I was fiddling with mine all day too! It is soothing. Welcome back! It's nice having you here again. :)

Sara said...

Welcome back! I love love the new header! :D

Emilia Plater said...

I love it!!!!! It's so pretty and clean and colorful. You are a layout genius. :)) I love you & the way you work so hard at blogging, and I'm glad to hear you survived AP testing! Hopefully we didn't fail <33

Anonymous said...

LOL! Welcome back! Loving the new blog design, very cute and clean. :D

thepamjelly said...

Welcome back! :) I love the new template! Really simple but cute.

Lale said...

Welcome back! I like the new color scheme- nice and bright first thing in the morning :)

Unknown said...

It is good to have you back. *welcomes with open arms and wonders what creative things you'll be sharing soon*

emily said...

Yay! You're back! Been missing your posts...
I love the new colour scheme. And the heart with book titles.

in which a girl reads said...

@pirate: I agree, it's such an addiction. Tehe. AND ZOMG YOU ARE SO RIGHT ABOUT APs. I *think* I survived. Detrimental effects to my health and sanity have materialized so WHO KNOWS, maybe they'll APs will have the last laugh. Especially once I get dashes on score reports in July. *dies*

I'll be making a new blog button for sures, still working on that though.

ALSO, I LOVE YOU and your comments during stress-AP-death-time were so great to read :)

@lady: Thanks and I'm glad you like it :)

@Linna: Thanks and zomg your blog is so beautiful! And I'm so glad that the HTML-CSS thingies I did turned out okay :)

@Ah Yuan: Typography is so cool! AND <3 you.

@Lea: Thanks, and yay for liking the header!

@Kelly: Thanks. And springtime is awesome :)

@Remilda: I know, it's weird how computer design things are so soothing. I just love fiddling with graphics and everything, so much fun :)


@Emilia: Aww, thanks. AND PLEASE NO FAILURES I JUST DON'T WANT ANY DASHES. I think I'd die if I got any. lolololol.You were taking APUSH, right? That was actually my favorite test. Uggh. Such bad word choice. Nothing AP-testing should get the word "favorite". Maybe least painful? Tehe.

@Anna: Thanks :D

@Pam: I LOVE your owl! Now, that's cute :)

@Lale: Glad you like it! I'm such a fan of bright colors, tehe :)

@Becky: THANK YOU, and I'm just right now thinking of possible posts. hmmmmm :D

@Milli: Aww, thanks. And I'm proud of the heart-thing, tehe.

Darlyn said...

Hi Choco! Glad you are back.And yes I love the new you!So bright and hoping I can see more often =)

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