A Bit of Fro-yo Praising and Catching Fire Fan-girlism

*is a fan of long titles*

I had the best frozen yogurt today. Strawberry cheesecake, chocolate, and double vanilla. I love frozen yogurt shops, there's about five around here that sprang up with in a few months of each other in this fro-yo craze. Personally, I don't like the self-serve as much (can never get the peaks to go right). But I love watching as the yogurt-twirlers? swirlers? workers? artfully arrange the yogurt into perfect, delicious mounds of sugary dairy goodness. Mmm.

I really, really, REALLY want to read Catching Fire, but I can't make it to the bookstore today. (All that darn AP Bio homework!). So I'll settle for mooning about the house in the sticky, awful heat, fans vainly turned onto high power. But I am constantly thinking of the Catching Fire. Yesterday, Red was kind enough to post a link for an interview with Suzanne Collins, with has sated my fan-girlism somewhat. So I decided to post it here as well. Enjoy! And I promise, promise, promise to post a book review of Catching Fire ASAP!

Here's the link for the Borders interview:
Suzanne Collins | Borders Media

And if you're like, really obsessed, here's part 1 of another interview on youtube.

You can find the rest of it on youtube.


Becca Cooper said...

I have writer's block too! Ugh. It's awful, isn't it?

You're lucky it's still warm where you are. =D It was freeeezing up here today.

Now excuse me while I go squeal excessively about Catching Fire.

in which a girl reads said...

Writer's block= me unhappy.

And I would trade freezing for intolerable 100 degree days with AC any day :)


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